About us

"Geo-Medi" Ambulance and outpatient diagnostic services on home service.

Geo Medi was founded in 2012. We provide 24-hour medical care at home. Our company is the only one that offers patients medical services at several areas at home. We are a licensed by a medical institution. medical staff working with us is certified by the Ministry of Health of Georgia.

Ambulance service;
Medical transportation of the patient by rheanomobile;
Relocation of services for bringing disabled people (patients) to the floors;
Outpatient services at home;
Calling a doctor of different profiles at home;
Nursing services at home;
Diagnostic tests at home (Ultrasound, X-ray);
Laboratory studies at home;
Taking care of a bedridden patient under supervision;

We cooperate with all insurance companies in Georgia, most of our services are provided by your insurance companies. The above services are available at any time on 24/7.

Medical transportation of the patient

Transportation of the patient by ambulance, accompanied by doctors, from clinic to clinic, from house to clinic, from clinic to home, floor-to-ceiling services. Transportation from city to city

Intravenous infusion on home service

You will be given an intravenous infusion at home accompanied by a doctor or nurse with our medications. Your doctor will choose the optimal medication for you and take care of your health.

Laboratory analysis by a call
Over 300 analysis by a call
Ultra sound by a call
Doctor by a call service
X-ray analysis by a call
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